Version 1.0 - Beta - Windows

Generate product labels from Sage 100c Gestion commerciale

Click on Simpletiq from your product sheet and print on your Zebra printer.

You can also print from a delivery note all the labels, or only the chosen quantity.

You can also create templates in ZPL format to personalize your labels.

- Sage 100c Gestion Commerciale
- Zebra printer

 Features and configuration

Simpletiq liste.PNG

 Access to your sales documents

Choose which document you want to display:
- Purchase order
- Delivery note
- Invoice

Simpletiq details.PNG

 View products

Choose for which item you want to print a label.

You can also choose the quantity of labels to print.

Simpletiq details.PNG

 Setup Sage Gestion commerciale

From the Window menu, select Customize, then External Programs. Click on Add and Configure.

This will allow you to print directly from an item record.article.

Simpletiq details.PNG

 From a product

Click on the Functions drop-down menu, and click on Simpletiq.

Choose the label model to print and the quantity.

You can choose to preview the model to be printed.


Version 1.0 - Beta

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