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version 1.6.3 - Mac OS

An easy way to create a paypal link

With PayMailer, you can create a paypal link to send to your friends or customers.

You can personalize your email, attach a PDF
Simply copy this link to the clipboard.

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 How to ?

Set up and select your Paypal account

Choose your currency and country

Enter the recipient's email address

Choose an e-mail template

Indicate the name of your product or service, its price and quantity.

Add a PDF document if needed (invoice, etc...)

Copy the link or choose to send it directly by e-mail


Multi account

You can add as many Paypal accounts as you want

Multi Language

Customize Paypal link language

Multi Currency

Customize the currency you want to be paid with

Multi Messages

Personalize email messages for greater productivity

Url Shortener

You can shorten your URL in one click


Add PDF by drag and drop


Version 1.6.3

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